What’s the biggest obstacle while you are online dating in your 50’s?-Part 2

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Recently I went using the internet in a chatroom with a few 50-something women and requested them some matchmaking questions.

This is basically the second of a three part blog on ladies over 50 relationship.

What is the greatest challenge if you are dating inside 50s?

Pam: Finding people to go out who would like to date you. Discovering time & money currently with, and pay dating website memberships with. Keeping positive in spite of not enough times.

And, since women reside longer, on average, than men…. we have more ladies in their unique 50s competing for fewer and less men within their 1960s. There are number of those that look really good in my opinion, or don’t appear inappropriately over the age of myself.


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Cindy: My biggest obstacle is discovering men that does not bore me personally.

Kat: I sought out with a gentleman in the 60′s and then he was actually really intimate however the only issue is that he doesn’t like children and I also have actually grandchildren.

What exactly is a good idea for a first go out?

Cindy; I think the best very first dates are the quick effortless simple times. Where you have the capacity to speak and get a real sense regarding individuals image. My personal best dates are usually over supper and great convo.

Sherry: Meet the person first for coffee…if it clicks then you can approach an initial go out

Pam: Somewhere where you are able to “do” some thing rather than just sitting, but is good to speaking. I hate just “resting” for this first meet. My coffee times have actually generally speaking slain the possibility of advancing. Thus far, best first date has become bowling.

Whenever dating on the internet, are you experiencing a choice to local or cross country relationships?

Pam: Have experimented with both long distance and regional. Made solitary guys in my age-group locally.

Cindy: This may seem odd, but I kind of choose the LD vs. surrounding. I’m local males rush things too fast. Life after 50 doesn’t mean death. We could still have love, passion, adult sex hookups, and incredible interactions with a new love. Bear in mind what they state.. 50 may be the brand-new 40.